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Journal Papers

The authors of each paper would like to thank the individual members of ASCRU’s PPIE Public Involvement and Engagement group who supported their paper for their useful contributions and comments.

The relationships between informal and formal social care for older people in England: A comparison before and after the Care Act 2014

Jae Yeon Lyu, Bo Hu, Raphael Wittenberg, Derek King

June 2023

Inequalities in unpaid carer's health, employment status and social isolation

Nicola Brimblecombe, Javiera Cartagena Farias

November 2022

Projections of dependency and associated social care expenditure for the older population in England to 2038: effect of varying disability progression

Andrew Kingston, Raphael Wittenberg, Bo Hu, Carol Jagger

July 2022

Thinking about caring for older relatives in the future: a qualitative exploration

Madeleine Stevens, Nicola Brimblecombe, Camille Bou and Raphael Wittenberg

April 2022

Strengths-based approaches in social work and social care: reviewing the evidence

James Caiels, Alisoun Milne, Julie Beadle-Brown

December 2021

The association between staff retention and English care home quality

Stephen Allan, Florin Vadean

October 2021

The effects of minimum wage policy on the long‐term care sector in England

Florin Vandean, Stephen Allan

October 2020

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