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Public Involvement and Engagement

People who have experience of using adult social care services and carers are important partners in ASCRU. They help our research to be relevant, insightful and clear and easy to understand.

Public Involvement and Engagement Group (PIEG)


In April 2019 we advertised to find people with experience of using or caring for somebody who uses adult social care services to become members of PIEG. We now have 9 public advisors on PIEG with a variety of experiences of adult social care in England.

Members of PIEG work with us to make sure that our work is relevant to people who use adult social care services. Public advisors:

  • develop and review ASCRU’s public involvement and engagement strategy

  • support and advise individual research projects 

  • identify potential topics for future research

  • comment on research information and materials

  • advise on how to develop information for the public and how to tell people about the findings of our research.

PIEG members work closely with
ASCRU’s Management Group and a public advisor attends the monthly management meeting.

The group meets twice a year. They have developed terms of reference (PDF).


Further information is available in:


Or from: ASCRU Public Involvement Lead: Karen Jones 


Telephone: 01227 827953


Jargon Busters


For a definition of some of the common terms used in health and social care see the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) Jargon Buster.

For definitions of some common research or public involvement terms see the NIHR Glossary

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